I hadn’t said anything about having another contract on our house because I didn’t want to jinx it. I’ve been holding my breath since we went on vacation the last week of July!

We accepted an offer, then came inspections, then the appraisal, now here we are and we have SOLD our very first home.

We spent 3.5 years there. We brought two babies home there. We celebrated birthdays and holidays together there. We need more room, but it is putting our first home behind us.

Sitting here I’m thinking of: The times I fussed M & C for going up the stairs to the 2nd floor of the shed The skinned knees from running on the cement Telling M & C to put the rocks back where they belong When M had a gash on the back of his head falling and hitting it on the steps to the shed The call that C’s blood work wasn’t right and we needed to go to the ER for further testing I’ve nursed and rocked 2 of my newborn babies all night long in that living room We have played cards with friends in the dining room and on the patio Hosted plenty of seafood boils and BBQ’s The laughter that would fill the entire house when J would lift the boys high or when they were running around like crazy The sound of our children, Godchildren, nieces, and nephews playing and making so many memories together Sitting on the swing with our babies or watching them play

I hope the new owner makes plenty of memories just like we did!

So many memories flood my mind and to be honest, my eyes have been watering. While the part where we lived in our first house if over, I am excited for the adventures that are waiting for us in our new home!

Our last photo at our first home

xoxo Amanda Jo