Rain Rain Go Away

Today started off very WET! We needed rain, just not this much at one time.

I am so thankful for my mom every day, but today she was a hero for me!

Rain was pouring down! There was no way I’d get the kids to their house without them getting drenched. I didn’t call her for help, just to make sure she was awake. Next thing I know she is at the camper door with a rain coat and umbrella. She took the kids one at a time to the house while I finished getting ready for work. Then she brought me her shrimp boots so my feet wouldn’t get soaked!

In the 15 minutes it took me to finish getting ready, the rain stopped and I was able to quickly get to the house and tell the kids bye (multiple hugs and tight tights required from the big boys). In the 7 minute drive to work the sky opened again. Thankful for my inverted umbrella for keeping me dry from my vehicle to the door at work!

You can get one here https://amzn.to/2LSucwq

Anyone else worried about the tropical weather coming this weekend? My biggest concern is the river levels that are predicted to be at an all time high at the Carrollton Gauge. With the river having been so high for so long the increased level of the river has me more worried about it than normal.

So tell me: How did you make it through the rain this morning? Are you concerned about the tropical weather/river level?

xoxo Amanda Jo