School for M

M had his first day of Pre-K 4 two weeks ago. We woke up and went through our morning routine. We went out and took a few photos while waiting for the bus. The bus pulled up and the driver asked ‘which school?’. We told her and she nodded. When he got on the bus I took one last picture and he went to find a seat.

Look how handsome he is!
He was so proud to be going to school!

The bus did not have a dinosaur and was not the number we had been told, after they pulled off I started to panic that he had gotten on the wrong bus. I made J call to confirm. Then my head went spinning because what if someone was pretending to be a bus driver for the school and was really kid napping the little ones?!

It’s a good thing we had a busy day of packing planned – that occupied my mind for the most part. I still found myself with watering eyes a few times. At one point J & C were outside and R was napping. I paused from packing, leaned on the counter and cried. J happened to come in and see me. He asked what was wrong. My response, ‘What if he gets cold and isn’t comfortable asking his teacher for his jacket out of his bag’. As silly of a thing as that may seem, I was so WORRIED about my baby being cold at school (he’s cold natured and asked to keep his jacket in his bag just in case).

Just before 4pm the bus arrived to drop him off. The driver asked us his name and we told her. She began calling for him to get off the bus. She continued and when he wasn’t moving fast enough she roughly said ‘come on, you’re holding me up’. He is FOUR years old, it was his FIRST day of school! He has only been on a bus one other time and that was over a year ago on a daycare field trip with multiple adults to guide the children. How was he supposed know exactly what to do when he had never done it before? I was less than pleased with the bus experience. He made it to school and back safely, that’s the important part. (It has improved since then!)

At first he didn’t tell us much, but before bed he got to talking a little. He ate breakfast at school. He didn’t take a nap, but did lay down. There is a girl in his class that he knows from when he was in daycare. And he didn’t want it to be the weekend because he wanted to go back the next day!

I pray that he keeps his love for school! We will see how he feels about school in a few more weeks.

xoxo Amanda Jo