Before I can begin with the current adventures, I need to explain how we got to this point.

A few months ago, a childhood friend said he was selling his house when he was done with renovations. We went look at it, it is perfect for us! So, we made an offer and signed a contract. Usually the home buying process takes 30-60 days, but we aren’t set to buy it until November. Which is great because we needed to sell our current home first. We started de-cluttering and packing what we don’t use regularly. Moved the camper, boat, and 4 wheelers to my parents house. Got the house and yard all cleaned up, ready to market the house. The process of getting our home ready took 2 months! Phew! The first person who looked at it made an offer, which we accepted. Now our home is ‘under contract’ and we are waiting on inspections next week! I was not anticipating it happening that fast.

Since the house is in a ready to be shown state we didn’t want to have the kids there constantly dragging things out and making messes for us to continually clean up *hello stress*, so we brought our necessities and started living in the camper in my parent’s back yard! J has been working so he has been sleeping at the house still so he can get some rest without the disruptions of the kids.
The first night was a little rough and the big boys, M & C, woke up the baby, R, 5 minutes after he fell asleep. R has only slept through the night once since we started camper living. M & C are getting the hang of our new normal.

If everything goes at planned we will continue to live in the camper until the new house is ready for us in November. That means 5.5 months of camper living for 2 adults & 3 kids. There is a bet at work on if I will make it to November with my sanity!

I’m in the process of making a list of items to buy for the camper to make life a little easier while it is our home. I hope you follow along on our adventure!

xoxo Amanda Jo

This photo is 6 months old – I need a new photo of the 5 of us!