Tropical Storm/Hurricane Barry

J was scheduled to work this weekend. Then tropical storm/hurricane Barry decided to come. His job told him to pack enough for the weekend, he will be at work until Monday. We are missing him like crazy and the kids don’t understand any of it. We are ALL stressed.

Camper living and tropical systems don’t go too well together, so last night all 3 kids and I slept in my old bedroom at my mom & dads ♡ M mentioned that it was the best sleepover ever! We are spending one more night in the house since the weather could get rough tonight too. Better to be safe than sorry!

Today M & C played with a cousin for HOURS outside in the mud! R even got a little muddy (from a kiss from M). They played so hard that at 5:30 this evening M was asking if he could go to bed. 

I got so many hurricane snacks at the store, we haven’t NEEDED them, but they sure are yummy!

What is your favorite hurricane snack? Who did you hunker down with?

xoxo Amanda Jo