Extended Holiday Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! We spent most of the day doing a few fire works, grilling, and swimming. We had a good day until GPaw passed out and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Turned out that he had pneumonia and was dehydrated. He came home on Sunday ā™” The grown ups were all pretty scared. M & C were brave and held Gpaws hands and helped show the medics where he was.

J was off this weekend from his regular job, but Friday and Sunday he spent some time working around the house and doing his side hustle (inflatable rentals). You can follow our inflatable business page here https://www.facebook.com/JohnsJumpersLLC

Saturday was a family day. We spent some quality time together, we needed it with the way he has been working and the chaos of getting the house ready and us moving into the camper. We went to check out the alligators at the diversion first.

Then to Sam’s Club for a new TV for the camper, diapers, paper plates & bowls, dog food, and a few other things. We also had lunch at Sam’s. What do you like to get from Sam’s Club? After shopping we stopped at the new Sweet Rolls location in Destrehan, it was delicious and the kids loved watching them make it!

Then it was back to the diversion to feed the alligators some bread and pizza crust. M & C loved tossing food to the gators! We counted around 50!

Finally we made it back home (to the camper) and after dinner we went for a swim. I think we all needed that quality time together!

Quick house update: The contract we had on our house got cancelled, but it’s now on the market! Fingers crossed we get another offer soon! You can see the listing here https://www.gardnerrealtors.com/property/385341022/452-BARBER-Road-Paradis-LA-70080

Tell me, how was your holiday weekend?

Xoxo Amanda Jo


The First Week

We have been living in our camper for a week now.
So far we have done a lot of reorganizing and adjusting to having such a small space. The big boys M & C have been pretty good with the adjustment so far. R is struggling with night time sleep though. He has only slept all night once. The first night we got a total of 3 hours of sleep.

Here is what our evenings look like:
5pm-ish we eat dinner and then the littles play
7pm-ish- R is nursed and then patted/rocked to sleep. While I do this M & C have tablet time or watch a movie
8pm- bed time for M & C. We put on pjs, potty, brush teeth, and get tucked in. Once tucked in I tell a story (I used to read books, but now they want me to tell them about adventures that feature them!) Following the story I sing a few songs (the only people I sing for are my littles, I promise you don’t want to hear that) and then wait until they settle down and leave the bunk house.
9pm-ish: I do some quiet tidying up, shower, make bottles, and write. 11pm-ish: I try to go to bed if Reid isn’t awake

Camper living means limited cooking space. So I’ll be using the crock pot a lot! I LOVE my Hamilton Beach programmable one!

You can find it here https://amzn.to/2LB7pVV

I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly enjoy washing dishes – in comes crock pot liners! You just place the bag in the crock pot, put your food in & cook like normal! So easy!

You can get some here https://amzn.to/2FLkrfO.

A few nights ago we had ravioli, peas, carrots, and garlic knots.
The carrots were left over from a few days ago. The peas were from a can and I added some salt, pepper, & butter. The garlic knots were the marketside ones in an oven bag from Walmart (they are my FAVORITE).
And the ravioli was cooked in the crock pot.

This recipie is so yummy! It satisfied adults and the kids!
Here’s what you’ll need.

1lb ground beef
2 bags frozen cheese ravioli
1 can crushed tomatoes (28oz)
1 can tomato paste (6oz)
1/2 cup water
3 cloves garlic (crushed or pressed)
1/2 of an onion (diced)
1tsp oregano
1tsp thyme
1tsp basil
2 tbsp brown sugar (to cut the acidity)
Salt & pepper to taste

1- Brown the beef and drain
2- Saute the onion & garlic in the pot you used to cook the beef.
3- Add the cooked beef, crushed tomato, tomato paste, water, oregano, thyme, basil, brown sugar, salt, & pepper to the onion & garlic & stir
4- Put both bags of ravioli in the crock pot and pour your sauce mixture over it. 5- Stir to combine and cook on high for 3 hours or low for 5 hours.
With sides there was enough for 7 adults & 2 kids to eat


Let me know if you try this recipe!

xoxo, Amanda Jo


Before I can begin with the current adventures, I need to explain how we got to this point.

A few months ago, a childhood friend said he was selling his house when he was done with renovations. We went look at it, it is perfect for us! So, we made an offer and signed a contract. Usually the home buying process takes 30-60 days, but we aren’t set to buy it until November. Which is great because we needed to sell our current home first. We started de-cluttering and packing what we don’t use regularly. Moved the camper, boat, and 4 wheelers to my parents house. Got the house and yard all cleaned up, ready to market the house. The process of getting our home ready took 2 months! Phew! The first person who looked at it made an offer, which we accepted. Now our home is ‘under contract’ and we are waiting on inspections next week! I was not anticipating it happening that fast.

Since the house is in a ready to be shown state we didn’t want to have the kids there constantly dragging things out and making messes for us to continually clean up *hello stress*, so we brought our necessities and started living in the camper in my parent’s back yard! J has been working so he has been sleeping at the house still so he can get some rest without the disruptions of the kids.
The first night was a little rough and the big boys, M & C, woke up the baby, R, 5 minutes after he fell asleep. R has only slept through the night once since we started camper living. M & C are getting the hang of our new normal.

If everything goes at planned we will continue to live in the camper until the new house is ready for us in November. That means 5.5 months of camper living for 2 adults & 3 kids. There is a bet at work on if I will make it to November with my sanity!

I’m in the process of making a list of items to buy for the camper to make life a little easier while it is our home. I hope you follow along on our adventure!

xoxo Amanda Jo

This photo is 6 months old – I need a new photo of the 5 of us!

The Start of Something Good

Hey Readers!

Welcome to my new blog!

I’ve started a blog many times, but nothing ever came of it. So many ideas gone to waste because I didn’t have the motivation to keep going. I’ve also never been this enthused about starting a blog.

I used to think my life was boring or plain. Nothing interesting that people would want to read about. Lately our family’s life has gotten pretty interesting and I’d like to document it and share it in hopes of making connections and sharing our successes and failures. I’m so excited to share our adventures with YOU!

xoxo Amanda Jo

Welcome to My New Blog

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

ā€” Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. Iā€™m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.