Sleep, Precious Sleep

My next post will be about products that I have LOVED having while living in our camper. But this one is going to be about sleep….again.
That’s our biggest issue with living in the camper.

M & C would both beg for me to lay with each of them, which isn’t possible for one mom to be in 2 different beds, plus – there was NO WAY I was going to try to get in that top bunk again!

C got the a point where he would fall asleep on the sofa and then I’d put him in his bed. Then after about a week of that M wouldn’t fall asleep in the bunk house either. So I was letting them fall asleep in the living area and then moving them to their beds. That worked for a little bit. Then they started to whine and cry when I’d pick them up to move them. In an effort to let the baby sleep I just let them stay where they were. Right now R has the whole bunk house to himself and the 2 big boys are sharing the table bed.

Plus I have to sit with them while they go to sleep. There have been a few nights where I actually fell asleep waiting for them to fall asleep… At least that means I got a little extra shut eye, right? On top of the above sleep situation, one or two of the big boys end up in MY bed nightly. It’s always C and sometimes M too. C doesn’t just get in the bed anymore, he wiggles and it feels like he is trying to become one person with me. He presses up against me so hard that I end up having to tell him to move over. Half of the time J is in such a deep sleep he doesn’t even realize a little one has climbed in our bed.

I’ve sleep trained each of my children when they were babies… but I’m going to have to figure out how to sleep train M & C in their own rooms once we are in the house (pray for me when that time comes). Speaking of the house – we should be moving in about 2 months!

xoxo Amanda Jo


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