Little Space for 3 Little Ones to Sleep

Camper living really isn’t horrible until bed time… that’s the hardest part. 4.5 year old, 2.5 yr old, & 9 month old all sharing a room. M is on the bottom bunk at his request, C is on the top bunk, and R is in a pack n play.

Since M is on the bottom, I usually sit or lay on his bed while everyone goes to sleep. C has been asking for me to lay with him. One night last week C begged enough and in an effort to be fair I told him I would lay with him for a little bit. Yall the ladder is made for kids, not adults (especially plus sized adults)! I got up there ok, it was the getting down that I thought I was going to face plant.

Finally I got all the kids laying down. C wanted me to cover him, then he didn’t want that blanket and tossed it out of his bed. So I covered him with his other blanket. In the mean time, M grabbed the big blanket that C had tossed. It wasn’t even 5 minutes later that C decided he DID want the big blanket. So we had to negotiate so they would both stop having fits. And of course R keeps waking up through all of this. Just when I think they are all falling asleep, M has to pee and that wakes up R AGAIN! I think it was close to 10pm before they were all sleeping!

After that night it took some tough love from my husband for me to stop staying in there when they are going to sleep. It has now been about a week. C is having a hard time, but he will fall asleep on the sofa and then I can put him in his bed. M gets up for ALL the reasons, he needs to potty, he needs to potty again, he needs a qtip, he need a hug, anything he can come up with.

No matter where they fall asleep, one or two of them end up in the bed with me (usually after J leaves for work or he’s on nights). I’m so ready for everyone to have their own spaces again. Maybe then they will go to sleep and stay asleep!

xoxo Amanda Jo


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