Raising Good People

As parents, part of our job is to raise our children to become good people. I know that I am always worried about how good of a job I am doing.

M & C throw tantrums, they whine, they fight with one another, they yell & cry when they don’t get their way. This all happens when they are with us. So I assume they do these things when we aren’t around too. This stresses me out so much. Even though daycare teachers, aunts & uncles have told me that they give no issues when they are with them, I still worry that they will do these things to others.

While camping at Indian Creek in Woodworth, La we allowed M to ride his bike around our loop of the camp ground. On the Saturday evening while we were making smores an older couple was walking their dog and they saw M’s bike at our campsite and they stopped. The lady said ‘that’s the bike he was riding’, I walked over to them and she said ‘I wanted to tell you that the boy who was riding that bike is so polite’. I told them thank you and they continued their walk. I beamed with pride and I’m tearing up writing this.

Now just last week at the sitter I was told that they can definitely tell that C has discipline! I almost had to physically pick my jaw up! C is is MASTER of ignoring and totally does his own thing. For someone to tell me that they can tell we discipline him! I was shocked and so proud of him for behaving for others!

Even when we feel as though our efforts are wasted, keep going, keep pushing through all the tantrums and fights, keep teaching your children to be good people. Eventually you will see that your efforts are not unnoticed.

xoxo Amanda Jo


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