Baby. Breastfeeding. Bottles.

Last week our littlest turned 7 months. 7 months has never gone faster. I swear that time goes faster with each child! This is my first baby that has had mostly breast milk for this long and that feels pretty good. He has only had formula twice when I felt like I just couldn’t keep up with his appetite.

While breast feeding has been the easiest with him of our 3 children, it didn’t come without struggle and we had to supplement with pumped milk for the first few weeks. I’d nurse him on one side and use a silicone pump (like this ) on the opposite side and then have a bottle ready to transfer it to for supplementing.

At this point I’m just not responding to the pump as much as I did when I first went back to work. I’ve tried power pumping, tried using heat, massage while pumping, changed all my pump parts, drinking 100oz of water a day, drinking body armor. I don’t know what else to try.

I have a few bags of milk in the freezer and I pump about 5oz in 2 pump sessions when I’m at work, which is only one of the bottles he drinks while I’m away. We love Playtex Ventaire bottles, you can get them here . We might get through this week without supplementing with formula, but supplementing with formula is coming soon. I’m trying to be alright with that, formula is a wonderful thing that keeps babies fed ♡. My goal was only breast milk until 1 year, I’m trying to be gentle on myself and telling myself that I have done the best I can. I hope to nurse him when we are together, just like I do now until he is a year old.

Tell me, did/do you breast feed, combination feed, formula feed?

xoxo Amanda Jo


3 thoughts on “Baby. Breastfeeding. Bottles.

  1. Pumped and fed for 1 month for the first then switched to formula (he wouldn’t latch). Strictly breastfed for the second for 1 year. Fed is best, don’t let it get you down! 7months is huge. If you haven’t tried yet.. knowing the baker you are.. try homemade lactation cookies. They helped tremendously at that 6months mark for me. I have a recipe if interested.


    1. I ep’d with the first. And he was fed 50/50 breast milk & formula almost from the beginning.
      2nd was a bit better. Nursed til 9 months with formula when I was away.
      Both of them got a bottle or breast milk a day past 1year old.
      Definitely trying to not let it get me down, but it’s hard.
      I tried House Poets lactation cookie recipe. They are so good, but they didn’t help much.
      Send me the recipe, I’ll try it out!


  2. Henry was my only breast fed baby. He did amazing until around 10 months and 2 weeks old then he self wheened he wanted a cup. 7 months is a great accomplishment it takes serious dedication and sleep deprivation. In a few months he will be on regular milk so if he is not being so drastic about less nursing times he may be ready to self wheen. Henrt was always attached but I knew as my last baby that I wanted the full natural experience no matter when Ethier of us gave it up. After that 9 month mark though he wanted only a cup and nursed for lunch and to sleep at night then at a lil over ten months he just gave up.


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