Extended Holiday Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! We spent most of the day doing a few fire works, grilling, and swimming. We had a good day until GPaw passed out and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Turned out that he had pneumonia and was dehydrated. He came home on Sunday ♡ The grown ups were all pretty scared. M & C were brave and held Gpaws hands and helped show the medics where he was.

J was off this weekend from his regular job, but Friday and Sunday he spent some time working around the house and doing his side hustle (inflatable rentals). You can follow our inflatable business page here https://www.facebook.com/JohnsJumpersLLC

Saturday was a family day. We spent some quality time together, we needed it with the way he has been working and the chaos of getting the house ready and us moving into the camper. We went to check out the alligators at the diversion first.

Then to Sam’s Club for a new TV for the camper, diapers, paper plates & bowls, dog food, and a few other things. We also had lunch at Sam’s. What do you like to get from Sam’s Club? After shopping we stopped at the new Sweet Rolls location in Destrehan, it was delicious and the kids loved watching them make it!

Then it was back to the diversion to feed the alligators some bread and pizza crust. M & C loved tossing food to the gators! We counted around 50!

Finally we made it back home (to the camper) and after dinner we went for a swim. I think we all needed that quality time together!

Quick house update: The contract we had on our house got cancelled, but it’s now on the market! Fingers crossed we get another offer soon! You can see the listing here https://www.gardnerrealtors.com/property/385341022/452-BARBER-Road-Paradis-LA-70080

Tell me, how was your holiday weekend?

Xoxo Amanda Jo


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